Martha SpeaksEdit

Martha Speaks is a children's show on PBS Kids. Martha is a dog with lots of words and is very unique. The person who plays Martha on this show also did the My Little Pony series is Tabitha St Germain.


Episode 1. Martha Speaks/Martha gives AdviceEdit

Intro: The Professor talks to the viewers about a unique thing that happen: A dog who could talk. then he describes about other stuff for a few minutes and the episode is shown.

Martha Speaks


Martha gives advice


Outro: The proffesor asked the viewers if they caught all of the works. After that, the words are replayed and then the episode ends.

Episode 2. Martha and Skits/ Martha plays a partEdit

Intro: We go to Martha on the chair and she had two minutes before the show started. When she saw the viewers, Martha told the viewers about the words outstanding, and unique. She also said that she will see them at the end of the show.

Martha and Skits

At the end of this episode, Martha was acting like Superpooch and she had to get a sandwich outside the trash, after that, she then hid it to safety, even though she got in trouble with Mom.

Martha Plays a part


Outro; Martha welcomed back the viewers and she showed words from the episodes and told the viewers to see her next time.

Episode n/a. Martha and the White HouseEdit

Intro: In the beginning, Martha describes the viewers about the words "mission" and other words. TD Tells Martha that the president was coming back to his chair.

Martha and the White House

When Martha was trying to change the channel, she looked at the viewers, even though she was talking to Helen, Mom, Dad, and TD. Martha asked if the president will be on all the time and then she realized that the president was swarn in

She was very speechless when she said that to the viewers.

At the end of that episode, a news announcer describes differents sides of the community. When it was the cat's turn, it would purr and jump down.

Outro, TD and Martha were standing out of the White House asking the viewers if they caught all of the words.

End Credits: During the end credits, Martha's voice was heard doing the CPB, and Viewers like you. After that, you could see Martha with the end credits and a bone that reads the website. She says, "To dig up some more visit or check out your local library for the Martha Speaks books." That was replaced by Skits digging up the yard

Me, Martha, and the 4th wall

This segment was called identical and this is mea and Martha breaking the 4th wall. This episode is from Martha Speaks


for videos, please go to the Martha Speaks fourth wall video

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